Post Egypt Slump


So it’s been one month and one day since I have arrived and “It” has finally arrived… the post-Egypt slump.


When I first got here everything was so completely new, my classmates, the city of Alexandria, the dialect.  Then I settled into a  lull of euphoria.  I really am grateful to be here instead of Cairo, I love being near the Mediterranean.  My classes are not half bad either. I was high on life, on Arabic and on falafel ( I literally ate falafel everyday sometimes twice… way too much, way too soon).

and yet, there are a lot of things, nothing big, just little things that take their toll.  I am left wondering, why does it feel like I have been here for three months when I have only been here for one?

the lull, the الغرب as they say in Arabic has hit me.


I miss my mommy!  I miss my country!  I miss tv shows and pharmacies. I miss my spices and restaurants.

I’m tired of falafel, of living with new people, of the tram, of being noticed as different wherever I go.


This is just part of the ups and downs of being abroad.  It hopefully won’t last too long.  Home is still a possibility that is very far into the future.



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