Flamenco? In Egypt


Yes Flamenco, for a a precious hour I was transported back to the beginning of my Fall semester in Spain, back when Andalusia was filled with mystic and lore.  It was interesting to be in room filled with more Foreigners than I ever expected to know who live in Alexandria.  What was even more interesting though, was the number hijabi women who attended.  There will certainly be the mandatory Egyptian hijab post in a while, but for now I will say that in Egypt especially I have to get used to the juxtapostion of the sacred and the profane.  and Flamenco was no exception… tons of veiled women flocking to watch a women show off her legs and dance in front of … you guessed it… men!

It just somehow feels different from when this situation came up in the Gulf.  Maybe it’s because I distinguish between hijab in the two countries/regions.  At any rate, notice  the scarf in the pics, which at times blocked my view!


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