ON Egyptian Dramas III


Now, the serial that I just finished today is called Adam, and it stars another Egyptian super-star (this time it’s a famous singer who is making his acting debut, Tamr Hosny— He’s like the, um I don’t know— Justin Timberlake of the Arab world, he writes his own songs and sings mostly ballads— but I don’t think he dances though)

At any rate Adam is about the bestest, most honest Egyptian man that I have yet to encounter in real life…lol.  He’s the boy next door who risks his life to save a woman he doesn’t even know from being raped and ends up killing the attempted rapist in the process.  Too bad said rapist is an American citizen, that means international incident and Adam is on the run.

Yes he killed a man... but it was in self-defence! (if I had a Guinea for every time I heard this phrase...)

The series had it’s ups and downs, I think the torture scences with the Egyptian FBI or CIA (not sure what the best equivalent for Amn and doula would be) were too many and too long.

However, the show over all It was an interesting insight into how Muslim-Christian relations are handled on the screen (how they are handled in real life, that is another blog entry that I need to filter a bit more).  I think some of the scenes I remember most are the ones that make me wonder about that.  Sure most of them were the run-of-the mill, we are all God’s children and we are one nation.  But some scenes, well two in particular I’m not sure what to make of them.

One involves  Nancy, the Christian woman who Adam saves and her father.  They are talking about her relationship with Adam and her father asks her “Are you sure you’re not falling in love with him?”  and then she replies “No, I love him but as a brother.  I know my place.” Or something like that.  Then her dad breaks into a big grin and says “Thata girl.”  Huh?

I wonder why this series needed this scene.  Was it to reassure the masses about everyone’s proper place?  Was it just something thoughtless assembled as part of the entire work?  Was it a stern warning about how far things can go?

Nancy, the Christian Woman

The other scene that I think about is one in which Nancy is called in for questioning and tortured.  The officer torturing her then orders another guy to come in and rape her.  Which he does.

I don’t understand why it was put in. Interestingly enough, although Adam’s girlfriend/love interest was there she was only beaten.

It just seems to me if they really wanted to get to Adam, they would have targeted his wife or his sisters, not the woman he saved.

So yes, I still wonder why did the Christian woman have to be raped?  Needless to say, I feel like it ended on the sourest, most bitter notes ever.

Another interesting topic in the soap opera is spousal abuse.  The main evil character beats the crap out of his wife when he incorrectly suspects that she is pregnant by another man.  When he goes to beg for her back her parents actually encourage her to go back!  (knowing that he killed their grandchild).  I liked the fact that she stood her ground, even if it wasn’t in a “spousal abuse is never ok” kind of way. Interestingly his mother doesn’t chastise him for what he did.   My reaction is wtf?

But this guy is not the only one that slaps women around.  Even Adam beats his sister up when he thinks she is working as a caberet singer (she is actually the cleaning woman/personal assistant for her).  And Adam’s future father-in-law nearly beats his daughter to death when he thinks she got pregnant out of wed-lock.

Needless to say, I am thinking about the themes covered in this serial.  Muslim-Christian relations, male-female relations, the importance of a woman’s “honor.”  There will certainly be more posts, God willing.  For now, that’s it.

On a final note, it was interesting that the woman who played Adam’s mother is a Hijabi, she didn’t just play one on tv.  It was neat to see that plyy out on tv, but it’s probably easier to execute for her because she is a little older. It was a little weird that none of the men touched her, like ever!…. even in the torture scene… but love the religious accommodation.


One thought on “ON Egyptian Dramas III

  1. Wow, I didn’t know that Tamer Hosny was in a tv show! (He’s my favorite male singer of all-time, lol) Although I adore his singing, his acting is pretty good too (have you seen the Omar and Salma movies?) The subject of this tv show seems pretty interesting, and (I hope not) a sign of Egypt’s general viewpoint of Christians. The fact that the father says “Thata girl” would probably be a common response, but it still makes my blood boil. If my parents or my husbands parents had said that, we might have not been married today. Again, good post!

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