On Egyptian Soap Operas 2


The Second serial I want to blog about is called Zahara wa Azwagha alkhamisa (Zahra and her five husbands).  I must have picked this serial next because I was all about marriage after finishing Ayez and wanted to continue with that theme.  Well, let me tell you this series was drama and then some.


Zahra is in love with Magd, but she ends up marrying al-hajj abu Farag who is Magd’s brother –in-law and raised him like he was his own son.

Zahra and Abu Farag

After the Hajj get’s erroneously accused and sent to jail for… hmmm… I forget what… Zahra divorces him and marries Magd.

Zahra and Magd

  Magd then presumably dies in a plane crash (he’s a pilot)!

After which a grief-stricken Zahra marries Magd’s best friend Fareed.


Zahra and Fareed

But wait, Magd never died!  He just had amnesia.  Zahra’s best Manal confirms this, but she doesn’t tell Zahra.  Instead she lies to Magd and tells him that she is the love of his life.  They get married and Manal hides all of this from Zahra.  Unfortunately Zahra finds this out and promptly loses the baby with Fareed that she was pregnant with.  She then tries to end their marriage.

But wait, it turns out that her very first marriage years ago, was never finalized.

Husband 1

So whose wife is she:

The first husband?  Hajj Abu Farag?  Magd?  Or Fareed?


It is the most outrageous storyline and the ending is equally ridiculous. But I won’t give it away, just in case there’s someone out there that wants to watch it.

The woman that plays Zahra, Ghada abd-ul-Razk, is also a famous Egyptian Actress.  (I can’t believe she is like 40 years old… can we say gorgeous!)



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