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Sorry for not posting in a while.  The truth is I was on vacation. We took a trip to the desert during the Eid al-adha holiday and so, I was incommunicado.

the trip was pretty awesome!  Technically we spent one day in the desert and most of our time was in Siwa, and Oasis not far at all from the Libyan border.  We then went on to Marsa Matruh which is basically a tourist beach town on the Mediterranean coast. The waters there are so beautiful it was like the Carribbean, except for the cold air!  Yes, cold air.  Winter has arrived in Northern Egypt.  To be honest it’s not too bad.  I will post some pics below.  If you get the chance to come, you should!

Siwa was interesting in so many ways.  Siwans are actually Amazigh (Berber) so their first language is actually Berber (a dialect of it) rather than Arabic.  Hearing them reminded me of the Moroccan dialect.  I am convinced now that the Moroccan dialect borrows its sound/tune/rythym/ inflections from the Berber dialect.  It was funny to kind of understand the Siwans while the Egyptians were so confused.

Another thing that reminded of Morocco was the food.  The food was stewed in the Moroccan style.  There were tons of vegetables.  It was was yummy!  I actually ate ful, fava beans and staple in alot of Egyptian homes as it is hight protein and pretty cheap.  But to be honest the smell and taste of ful the first two times I tried it in Alexandria was a lot like vomit to me.  Maybe I just had bad ful, but after two tries I was done… or so I thought.  The ful in Siwa seemed a lot like a nice chili, it’s smell was so appetizing that I may actually make some ful at some point!

This may not look like much, but it is the part of the Zues-Ammon temple, where Alexander the great caem to ask the Oracle some important questions about who killed his father and would he conquer the world.


The 4X4 on top of a sand dune


Sunset on a salt river in Siwa


The dates on the palm trees were everywhere




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