On Thanksgiving, the cross-cultural slump and oh yes, the Egyptian elections


Needless to say the last week was eventful.  While the chaotic events transpsired out in the streets, we (the people in my program) are teetering between conversations about where we would go should we get evacuated and being able to enjoy Thanksgiving… which was a pretty sweet celebration.

We even had a “Thanksgiving Day parade”  Not the one that Macy’s makes, the kind that comes when groups of frustrated Egyptians march down the street en route to the final destination… the military base/building some 30 minutes away.  We watched this from the rooftop of a classmates apartment while eating cakes and such some 7 floors above.

Sometimes it feels like I am in another world.  Life truly goes on as usual for me.  I don’t live near the centers of protest, Allhamdullilah!


I suppose I have to go the selfish route and mention my own personal struggle this week with feeling like the entire world continues to turn as I sit here for  year.  My life is on hold and other peoples’ are not.  Perhaps I am at that point in the journey where I really have to question why I am here.  Part of me wishes I had chosen a different path, one that would have me more fulfilled for now, the other part of me knows that this is all part and parcel of being abroad.   I’m sure this part of the post sounds a bit cryptic, but needless to say I’ve been hit with a string of whammies… information, good news for others, but surprising news for me.  I am just a bit taken aback by it all.  There hasn’t been enough time to process all that has transpired during my absense, and during my one-year hiatus while finishing the first year of this program.

It’s almost 3 months since I set foot in the “motherland.”  To be quite honest the experience has largely been good.

And this is the thought I tried to hone in on during the TG holiday.  I have so much to thankful for, time to focus on them and let the rest sort itself out.  Life is not a race, it’s a journey. ..

More external issues to think about, like a peaceful first day of elections tomorrow, Inshallah.

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