Writer’s block and Mid-life Crisis and oh yeah I’m in Egypt!


There are so many things to write about,and yet I have been having trouble finding my استلهام (inspiration).  It’s sad really.

I guess it’s because there are so many things going on, but nothing is going on.  Case in point, I had dinner with someone I met a few months ago, but with whom there has not been any occasion to invite them to anything… lol.

Seriously, there isn’t tons to do here.  I usually stay home most nights.  My friends may visit… we might go study elsewhere… but whatev… I have a pattern and have been following it… eat, sleep, catch up television serials, study and that’s about it.

But I need to wake up from my sleep.  While talking to a friend about my experience with Egyptian youth (two very different groups mind you) and our plans for the future as soon to be graduates I realized something.  The stretch of time between December to about March of the following year, is pretty darn stressful, whether you are  high school student that’s not sure if you’ll end up attending the school of your dreams or your safety or you’re a pre-med senior stuck under  a pile of med school apps and MCAT tutorials or  a college sophomore that’s hoping for funding for summer research/study/ internship comes through or you’re a newly minted graduate student… like me.

We all just want to know!

I went through this before, so with my 20/20 hindsight it does all work out in the end.  However, not knowing, not being sure of how things will shape up is one the singly most annoying things to deal with right now.  What am I doing after Egypt?  I could be anywhere from giving Moroccan Arabic a try in Meknes to starting some new job somewhere to handling some temporary summer gig until I head to Spain in the fall.  I dunno… Are these the types of problems that stop the world from turning? clearly not.

I am not one meal away from starving.  I recognize the fact that I got developed world problems. As I reflect on this fact I should defnitely state on this blog that I am thankful.  extremely so.

Last week I got news that the Fellowship I have, which has allowed me this degree for free… is now cancelled! Alhamdulliah I applied and was accepted in the nick of time.   I fell for the students in the cohort after me as I am not sure about what this all means for them.  particularly I wonder about those who may have turned down the programs/schools of their dreams for this program (like I and others in my cohort did).  It’s just a tough situation to be in.  Not to mention all of the people who apparently not longer have jobs.

On that bitter-sweet note, I end my blog post.  More to come in a few Inshallah.


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