Arabic has Destroyed My English


I used to fancy myself as one able to be eloquent when the situation called for it, but this boast is becoming less and less accurate daily.

The problem is two-fold; Arabic and the crazy amount of English that my classmates and I speak to each other.  I have been better about being Arabic only since the new year, but English still creeps in.

Then we end up speaking an Arabic-English creole    which is worst than bad basic Arabic skills.   Unfortunately, my program does not have a lnaguage pledge like Middlebury College does.


And so I have to make one of my own:

I Gazelledusahara pledge to use Arabic language in all of my linguistic interactions. except when speaking with those who do not understand Arabic at all or in Emergency situations where speaking English would be more prudent.


does this mean that my blog entries should be in Arabic from here on out?…. maybe I will write the Arabic and then do English translations?

على فكرة حل التوقيع على هذا العقد الالكتروني يعني أنني ساكتب على مدونتي بالغة العربية فقط؟  من الممكن أن اكتب بالغة العربية وبعد ذلك اترجم كلامي في اللغة الانجليزية

على أية الحال هنشوف النتيجة بقى


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