On New Waves of Violence in Egypt—


I guess some might be wondering what it’s like ot be in Egypt after a new wave of protests/violence seems to sweeping the country.

Well, I can tell you:  Pretty Darn fine.


honestly, besides the protesters which I hear from balcony on Friday, there are no signs of Egypt going to hell in a hand basket.   Ok, let me rephrase that, there was a bit of a fiasco during our trip to the south  the workers responsible for opening the gates of the canal (presumably that formed after construction of the Aswan Dam)  decided to go on strike.  Our “cruise” ship an many more like it, was stranded.   But that’s still potatoes compared to the pictures that I see on the BBC or NYT.

I was thinking about this in relation to the way that other people think about America. It’s funny if you think about it, some Egyptians think America is this dangerous place where gangs rule and people walk around with guns like it’s nothing.  And many Americans think the same of Egypt, especially after the revolution.


أنا حأجيبكم من الأخر

(I will cut to the chase)

Alhamdullilah I am fine, most people (I think) are fine.   Rabna yastur.   By God’s grace things will get better and not worse.

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