I met a Man!!!!!!!!!… well, sort of


No need to go into the details of how, but I sort of met a man (Not an Egyptian Man btw)  who on the surface has a lot of the qualities that would make us a good match.  however, there are certain things about him that put him in the “No-zone,”  one of which is his age, and the reason for this post.

He’s around 9 years older than me.  In my mind that is a big age difference.  But funnily enough that is no not necessarily the case here in Egypt.  People’s host moms tend to be younger (and hotter) than their host dads.  And well they should since they tend to be younger (in some cases as much as 10 years younger).

I don’t know whether it’s being here in a country as I remarked to my friends where I am an old maid, or if its being in a country as one of my friends put “full of people I’m not attracted to” but I am thinking how old is too old.  In Egypt (and most places) the man tends to be older, because he is the one that has to provide for the family’s material needs and so must take a while to establish himself. Not that people in the same age range don’t marry here, I’m just rationalizing why an older gentleman (if not too old) would be seen as a decent match.

At the same time, older men, (surprise, surprise) still want young chicks (even though they are no spring chickens themselves!) and so the age gap phenomena continues.

For me, I still don’t feel 27 going on 28.  And so I see a forty year old man as super old, even I may not necessarily have thought so about a 32 year old man when I was 18.   But I am trying to get myself to realize that a 35 year old partner for my age is not that old.  Hence, I met man, and will see where it goes.

If I know myself, it will end nowhere, but at least I will have gotten over my geriatric phobia….

There is something to be said for someone who is more mature, presumably more established.  There is also something to be said for someone who is more set in their ways.

It’s a good thing that I am here in Egypt with plenty of time to sort these sorts of things out.



5 thoughts on “I met a Man!!!!!!!!!… well, sort of

  1. Mmmm…let’s see, I turn 27 in four days, right? 27 + 9 = 36. What, girrrrllll, I’d be all up on that! I mean, to each her own, but at this space and time in my life, if age is the only thing (and it’s not like he has kids and ex-wives running around), I would take it!

    And don’t corner yourself by saying, knowing yourself, nothing will happen. At some point in order for you to be in a relationship/get married, you’re going to take a risk, step out of character, with fear that you’ll fall on your face. And you may and you may not. Look at me! I did, fell on my face, but somehow every day I live to see another.

    This sounds promising! Take your time, explore, see where it leaves and leads you. Insha’Allah it’ll be an adventure. You’re in my prayers. 🙂

  2. gazelledusahara

    Thanks ladies..

    @ Chinyere… well, there might be a slight additional issue of some baby-mama drama in addition to the age difference…lol… It’s honestly not necessarily a deterrent for me in the greater scheme of things, but risky all the same.

    but yes, I am taking this slow, and seeing where it goes. It might be one of those if only I were a few years older and he a few years younger things. But, if it comes down to being something serious I will to “take it God on prayer.”

    adventure indeed (as if being in Egypt is not enough!)

  3. rebtez

    I have something quite important to share with you friend. Call or email me when you get a chance. I don’t have skype, but I’ll sign up.

    Much love,

    Rebeca T.

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