Whitney Houston is Gone


I can’t believe it.  I just opened my computer to the NYT homepage to a giant picture of her.  It didn’t click at first, I thought oh she must be releasing an album or something.  And then I scrolled down just a little.

I thought she was a little older, and it makes it all the sadder that she passed at the tender age of 48.  May she rest in peace.

Egyptians only vaguely seem to know who she is.  My roomate’s reaction was, oh, that’s sad.  She kind of remebers seeing her face at some point (she was also born the year the body-guard came out, so I don’t really expect   her to know about Whitney Houston).

This just makes me think about how far removed from everything living here can make me feel.  Many American’s mourn the passing of an icon, but much of the rest of the world, is not affected.  Such is life.

Funnily enough I was adding more music to my mp3 player and some of Whitney Houston’s greatest hits ended up on there.  Honestly I haven’t thought about her songs (or anyone else’s ) for a long time.

In 6th grade we were forced to sing “One Moment in Time”  I remember being annoyed by this choice (I wanted to sing TLC’s water falls, yeah my teachers were a lot brighter than I am).  But liking the song quite a bit as I got older.

I was also thinking about her song “How will I know?” another one of my favs.    Then there is the “Waiting to Exhale Soundtrack”  the song she did with Mariah Carey and the list goes on and on.

I hope she is at peace and her surviving family finds consolation on the impact she made while alive.  One of the greatest voices of American Music is now gone.


From God we came and to him we return.


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