I am in limbo right now, on so many levels it’s not even funny….

From Arabic tests to relationship stress to what the heck am I doing after this summer? Were the choices I made mine? were they the right ones?  am I blaming all those around me without being introspective?  Am I striving in the areas that matter?  I don’t know.

I guess it’s all part of being a grown up.  But it’s not easy to sit here, and feel like I’m in limbo… like there’s a million other places that I would rather be than Egypt… like speaking ARabinglish is getting old, like I made a wrong turn somehwere, on the highway of complacency and satsifaction with life…

but I know this is all because of the unknown, 2 months to go and so much has be done in this time period, it’s daunting… I guess in this respect I’m kind of life Egypt itself, waiting to see whether the outcome is something that will be good or bad, whether life from here on out will be better or worse…

wait did I just compare my first world, BAP problems to those facing one of the most important nations in the Arab world?  Yes I did… wow, I need some humble pie with a side of get back to reality sandwich.

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