On my Arabic language blog


I started a new blog last week called

عايزة اتجوز برضو (I want to get married too)…

It’s inspired by the Egyptian Arabic language novel, and television series of almost the dame the same name… I blogged about it here.  Basically, same format, but from the perspective of an American woman and her search for Mr. Right,  I think that show made me realize just how universal the search for stud while picking through a whole bunch of duds is, whether it’s an arranged marriage or a love marriage… I just wanted to do something fun, the grammar and such is probably atrocious, as I just write and post…But then again so is my English… ha, ha…

It’s just  a chance to use Arabic a little more…  I will try to come back to old posts and fix teh grammatical errors on them, that will be a helpful enterprise, I think… besides now I will have something not so controversial to talk about during my oral exams… ha, ha…

so yeah, if you read Arabic, and don’t mind reading Arabic that’s a little off, check it out! ha, ha…



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