On “I will surely Kill you before you go”….


So I was walking home from school last Thursday (should have been in Cairo, but my wonderful friends all backed out… probably for the best as there were some pretty big demonstrations) and as I turned the corner from the school gate I saw a black man, not thing out of the ordinary… if you aren’t in Alexandria… ha, ha…

at any rate I made the mental note and continued walking.  The guy started walking in my direction and talking to me in some language I don’t know, then he switched to English… I think it’s a matter of being abroad, but when black people say hello to me here or want to talk to me, I give them the time of day.

I told him to speak Arabic, because his English was choppy but his Arabic was very heavily influenced by whatever his native tongue is, so it was a bit hard for me to understand, he had to keep repeating things over and over…. in the end I got an invite to his Church service on Easter (all the churches in Egypt celebrate Easter when the Orthodox do as a sign of solidarity I guess…).  The Church is Anglican, and I was interested in seeing what an Anglican Church in Egypt looked like… (much the same as it does anywhere… it was more of a chapel than a church really, but really beautiful all the same, built by Europeans who lived here over a hundred years ago… gotta love colonialism).

Anyway, he wanted us to hangout, but I am not open to that, but he assured me that he sees me “just as a sister” ha, ha…  funny about half of the Masri men I interact with assure me of the same thing… what do people do with their sisters here? ha, ha…. but the church invite was something I could deal with.

After the service he wanted me to come to his house for Easter lunch, I declined, gave excuse about having a prior committment… i wasn’t scared or anything, his entire family is practically the black population of the church presumable we would all be eating together…

but he called to make sure I got home safe, asked me when I would be leaving and when I told him when, he said “I will surely kill you before you go”  … huh?  it took me a few seconds to realize he meant call you… ha, ha…

fair enough, but now he’s called again and wants to meet up just the two us this weekend… ha, ha… not gonna happen…. I literally spent five minutes saying “mush mumkin’ (it’s not possible) and he kept saying “mumkin” (it is possible)… ha, ha… sigh.

Every time I go abroad I know why some people call studying/living abroad an “ugly girls dream”…. don’t think I’m an ugly girl, but really no matter who you are or what you look like, or how many people love you or don’t love you at home, you are almost guaranteed to  get so much attention…sad really.  I just want to be left alone!

On the same day, I found out that the vegetable seller next door is not Muslim but Coptic (felt bad becuase I have been calling Hajj as a sign of respect… oh well my Christian dar is not good…lol)  when talking to his son about this he slipped me his card and insinuated the same thing, he is trying to holler as well… sigh….

A lot of people do this, get boyfriends/girlfriends while their here or in any foreign country.  It’s a really good way to learn a language… I just feel really bad about using someone like that… on the one hand these dudes are crazy and It  would be  naive of me to think that my blue passport or at the very least the fact that I’m something new and different has more to do with their desire to start romantic liaisons.

On the other hand, I know they want things that I am not willing to give, whether it be physical stuff/activity or a ticket to entering the US legally… ha, ha….

maybe I’m too cynical…I don’t trust men here… at all… that might be a bit stereotypical of me.. but I have to play it safe… and with good reason, the ones that harass women in street are one thing, but when the ones I actually end up talking to try to spit game, it makes me feel like I’m right!  maybe it’s just my spotty luck, but   it’s like this is just one more complication that I don’t need….

but yeah, this weekend was funny…. I just don’t know whether to laugh it off or to cry… 1.5 months to go!

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