And Moses split the…


Yup, headed to the Red Sea in a little bit and am actually kind of excited… being in Alexandria has begun to wear on me, which is weird since the Cairo trip was two weeks ago… ha, ha…

Kind of bummed that we will not get to go to Sinai (security hazard, I wouldn’t want to  kidnapped or become an international news story anyway… so it’s all for the best, besides, there is no way that I would climb that… absolutely no way!)  but we’re headed to the general Red Sea vacinity and will get some time on the beach…


tooo bad I don’t swim and didn’t bring a bathing suit! ha, ha…. but my summer clothes, sleeveless shirts and the one halter top will come in handy…. Yes I am going to be a bit scandalous, and it’s about fricking time!  Alhamdullilah the weather has not been as hto as it was when we first got here, but it won’t be as bad as it was when we first got here…

(un)fornately lots of Egyptians affiliated with our program will be there as well, including some people who are a lot more judgemental than I would care for but you know what?  I have one more month till the end of classes and a month and a week till I peace out so….

طز في كلهم!!!!!!!ه

(to heck with all of them!) ha, ha…. yeah this is the part of cross-cultural interaction that is to be expected and for the most part I respect it and understand it, but sometimes it’s hot! and I want to be able to wear what I want (i.e. something that is not at all considered risque where I’m from, but rather appropriate) without someone drawing some really distorted and disgusting conclusions…

I guess I came to the wrong country and the wrong city if I was expecting all of that… sigh.


I have been thinking about a request one of the female students made (one that I would have made myself if I thought it was possible that we would actually get it…. ha, ha.) One trip, just one trip without the Egyptians! 

that might sound mean, but in light of what the students, especially the women go through, we deserve it.   I don’t neccessarily feel uncomfortable in my living situation… roommate drama is to be found everywhere.  But there are things very particular to the Egyptian contexts that weigh on me after a while.  The main thing would be the no males in the apartment ever rule.  Not a problem, unless of course you have parties or want to study with a male classmate…. unfortunately the most innocent thing takes on a very nasty tone here… People expect the absolute worst of women, particularly foreign women, particularly foreign women living here “alone” (i.e. without families) and that would affect my room mate’s reputation…sigh. 

The other thing of course is clothing… for the most part it’s whatever, but sometimes just a little too much neckbone (literally) can send some random Egyptian woman/man who really should be lowering their own gaze and minding their own business through the roof!  This is especially upsetting because of the array of hijab styles you find here, I have never seen so many shirts with holes in them in my life!  (but somehow it’s ok, since they were a longsleeve tight fitting undershirt underneath called a “body”… more on that when I get around to writing the requisite entry on hijab in Egypt. 

needless to say, one trip, especially a cool one like this presents a lot of problems.  What will I wear to the beach?  I’m not a bathing suit person even in the states, but here it takes on a whole other dimension… while the resorts along the Red Sea are totally fine places to ear whatever  you like, the Egyptians coming with us are of Alexandria (and the villages around it) stock.  As one woman put it “I don’t want to be the cause of so and so’s boner!”  a bit raw, but her sentiments carry… ha, ha!

at any rate… I am going to let me shoulders show as much as I want to…. as for the rest… eh, whatever



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