Back from the Red Sea


It was a pretty good trip.  Some people who have been to Egypt previously and visited Sharm al sheikh and Dahab thought it wasn’t that great, but whatevs… it’s a program sponsored trip and bound not to be all that high class.  ha, ha.

I had fun, I snorkeled (which is pretty great considering last September was the first time I had entered a body of water in at least 15 year, no joke).  My ability to swim, although not fully revived, came back a bit.  Thank God the beach at the hotel we stayed at was pretty shallow, anytime I felt panicky (i.e. after 3 strokes or so) I just stood up!  ha, ha.

Oh yes, and I learned that people as dark as I am still need to wear sublock.  Sunburn hurts like a mother and I am not planning on going through this again!

This is what happens when you wear as little clothing as possible…ha, ha… I am so going to get a birquini one of these days.

Before the beach we stopped at the oldest monastery in the world!  It was a special teat for me as I had learned about it in class last semester, nothing like history coming alive again! and again! and again.

30 days and counting and two posts that I really need to get to will be up before I leave Inshallah.  One on Christian Egypt. and the other on hijab Egyptian style.  ok, back to Arabic.

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