Back From Cairo… Again


So I took a day trip of sorts to Cairo… it was good and worked out for good in the end.

I saw one of my closest friends from here off…. will miss her much!

And then I solved my dilemma of the trip: to go and see the pyramids or just go shopping at this particular store I have been looking forward to.

I went to the pyramids and it was pretty cool.  to be honest I don’t think the pyramids are as impressive as the monuments in Luxor and Aswan, but at least I saw them.   What was more impressive was the cab driver who was with me.

I left the hostel waived him down, and made him an offer, 80 Egyptian Pounds to take me there wait for me to take pictures and take me to Zamalek (the part of Egypt where the shop I wanted to go to was).  He readily agreed and was a complete gentleman, I kept waiting for the other foot to drop.

No offense, but I’m used to cab drivers being helpful only to slip a little something into the conversation.  But he was all business and I loved that.

The road to the pyramids is literally plagued with husslers and hasslers litterally.  I literally had to grab onto to the taxi driver as we walked up the entrance and at various points throughout the visit because people there do not play:  They want you to ride their camels and horses, they want you to buy their stuff… ha, ha.

So I pretended to be his wife for a bit… it was worth it I suppose… got my pictures of the pyramids and the Sphinx (which by the way is a lot smaller than what I thought it was going to be)… ha, ha…

Come to think of it it’s not the only pretending I have been doing today… I just started telling people that I’m Saudi… they seem to believe it… ha. ha… my accent is obviously not Egyptian… but it’s not Gulf Arab either (as the taxi driver pointed out— his immediate reaction was like, you’ve spent most of your life in Europe haven’t you?…. ha, ha…. still just a little off… I want to find an Arab country that will adopt me… and being black there aren’t many choices… ha, ha)

The next person that I told that I was from Saudi believed me right away and apologized for not recognizing me as Arab…

Best part of it all I navigated Cairo today for myself.  It’s a big feat for someone who is admittedly intimidated by this city.  Allhamdullilah.

two and half days of packing and goodbyes to go… sigh.


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