Just when things start to look up…


I get into a sticky situation that I’m not sure how to deal with or sure that I want to deal with it.

While in Cairo, I picked something up for a friend from a friend  of hers. that friend gave me money 100 Egyptian pounds in 20s which I counted in front of her… I put that money in my suitcase so that I would not confuse it with my own.

fast forward to me being in Alex… I have not let my suitcase leave my presence until I get home and put it in my room.  I go out to grab some dinner and do some groceries and come back to find the money quite apparently sticking out from the stuff in the suitcase (which I did open earlier) and a 20 guinea bill is missing.


I am perplexed because I am not sure what to think. Could it be my roomate?  my other roomate left for vacation before I came back, so it’s certainly not her… or am I going crazy? 

I did remove my jacket from my suitcase before walking to the space for the train.  is it possible that the 20 guinea bill fell out at that time, without my knowing?…. maybe, but pretty unlikely…. or maybe I miscounted (and the girl as well?)  the original amount?  also unlikely…. as we both counted it.

I am just sick and tired of these types of situations.  If I didn’t have crap like this go down in other situations related to my personal property I would be willing to give other people the benefit of the doubt.  But you know what, two and half days to go and I am DONE! 

What am I going to do?  I don’t know… I have no proof… I might ask, but I know what the answer will be regardless….darn you burden of proof!


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