On Losses and Gains…


I went to the doctor yesterday… to get my physical form for the Fulbright filled out.

Things went pretty quickly, but I ws surprised by something, perhaps pleasantly so…

I weighed in at 10 pounds less than I did just 10 months ago!  I am still confused about that, because I don’t know where the 10 pounds went, and am thinknig that maybe the doctor’s scale is a bit old and not functioning properly.

I had heard it quite a bit near the end of my Egypt stay from people that أنت خسيتي خالص!  that I had lost a lot of weight, particularly around the waist… but it never felt like that to me…

But now that I am back home, and packing up for yet another transatlantic trip, I am going through the things that I didn’t take to Egypt and seeing if they might be useful for wearing in Morocco.  And by golly, things fit really well, things that didn’t fit before I left for Egypt now do!

I’m not quite back to where I was when I graduate from college, but I think I’m pretty close… weird.  But yeah, 10 pounds though seems like a lot…. still doubt it was that much…. my friend’s digital scale in Egypt had me at about 3 pounds less. The analog scale here at home has me at about 7 …. 7 pounds.. hmmm I can live with that… ha, ha…

and what is this weight loss due to?  stress!  I mean I ate out almost every day the second semester … unlike Qatar where I exercised 5 days a week for an hour, I didn’t do diddly… but for the most part I only ate one big meal a day… sigh…. I mean I hope it’s not because I contracted some worm or something, I mean the loss would have been much more dramatic, right?


Sheesh, the way some people exclaimed when they saw me, you would have thought I was obese when I first got here… I guess that’s why I didn’t put much stock into what they were saying… apparently I should have.

Now I’ve go to  get to used to this new, old body… I never really realized anything was different, my clothes for the most part, seemed to fit the same… but I guess not… in restrospect there were some changes, I just didn’t know what the true cause was.

So this is a loss, that in a way is a gain…. completely unexpected.


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