Wedding me This, Wedding me that


So it’s wedding season…. Everywhere I turn some I know or someone who’s friends with someone I know is getting hitched, jumping the broom etc.

For the most part I am happy for them.  Sometimes I am ambivalent.  All the time I check out the pictures and can find something that was really nice/pretty/creative about the festivities.

but I saw one a little while ago, that has been bothering me since.  Not because I am desperate to get married, but because it hit a little too close to home.  He, the greatest waste of my time… like ever, Got married.

Now I knew it was coming they’ve been engaged for quite some time.  But what bothered me was her dress.

It looked like something I would wear, heck I have dresses in that cut sitting in my closet right now… ha, ha… I of course, would have looked better in it… ha, ha…

now why she had to go and have taste similar to mine?  Maybe it’s all the post Egypt planns I have been arranging and the traveling to boot, but that dress, that darn dress, threw me for a loop.

When you are in a phase where you question your life choices for the past 5 years or so, that dress is enough to send you over the deep end.  Why’d she have to wear that dress?


Maybe what I need to do is diversify my dress cuts…

In that dress, she symbolized career-life balance, sensible life choices and clear-cut new beginnings… So yes, I asked myself… not why did she wear that dress, but rather, why didn’t I?

at this juncture let me reiterate, it is NOT about Him… He to me, is water under the bridge… a waste of time, but what’s past is past.  I hope he’s a lot older and a little wiser and cleaned up his act, for her sake.

But back to me, I’m just thinking about how we all make such different choices despite being from similar backgrounds educationally, age-wise, culturally etc. This is not what I need to be thinking about right now, 5 more days before the next chapter of my life… sigh.

Why did she have to wear that dress?  She has good taste.

She made her choice, but I still have time to make mine….


2 thoughts on “Wedding me This, Wedding me that

  1. No matter the paths one chooses to take in their early adulthood, I feel like marriage is the one thing we really can’t plan for. I feel like I would be in the same singleness predicament no matter what path I chose in life. Don’t let that wedding dress feed into your ruminations about the academic and life choices you’ve made. …and this is why I completely cut my ex off, haha…blocked him on facebook, everything. I don’t want to know anything about the woman he ends up with, because as much over as I am over him, I’m not over how much he wasted my time and teased me into thinking that someone as good as he at first appeared could exist in my life…and seeing who got him to be that person will make me angry! Not going to lie… 😀

  2. gazelledusahara

    Ha, ha… I should have totally followed in your footsteps… but if I do that now, I will just look like a super-salty chick… will def take your advice the next time around though… hmm… although it is nonetheless interesting to see who people finally end up with…

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