Morocco the Remix


I’m heeeeeeeeeere!

This is day two… orientation day, and Morocco feels familiar yet, better, for now at least.  My host family is better off financially than the one I had during the semester of hell… but I am stillbeing cautious.

There apparently was a dorm room option which we were not apprised off!  boo!  Now the housing director probably thinks I’m a princess, so I have to wait and see if I can be happy with this family before reecting it out of hand… ha, ha….

What a difference 9 months in Egypt makes…. I was actually looking forward to this portion of the program, because a lot of the drama that is intrinsic to the Egyptian experience is either much less or non-existent: no crowding, no trash everywhere!  (I mean everywhere!) drivers who are more considerate of pedestrians, and not as much street harassment.

Today is Sunday so it’s too early too tell, but walking through the streets of Meknes today, I didn’t hear nearly as much, there were several situations that were very much like what I would have been in Egypt (large group of young men, lots of men in front of a coffee shop, etc.) and in almost none of these situations did things turn out the Egyptian way…



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