I haven’t been swallowed into some vortex


I have just been busy and without internet and tired and ill to cap it off… ha, ha…

Last weekend I went to Fez with some friends, it was a lot of walking, diddling around, but it was nice to go through the old Medina and actually remember walking them a few years before…

What a difference a few years makes!  and what a difference they do not!  sigh…

Today, to cover the Dianna Ross lie glory that is the current state of my hair, I wore a scarf, and just as I remembered it was a lot better in the streets… even though I wear shades and headphones and don’t look at anyone.

However, I did have my first encounter with evil children… sigh…the usual, I am walking home, minding my business, a group of them tries to stop me and encircle me, I step aside and keep walking, one or more of them try to grab my bag, I yell at them in Arabic and then English, some random Moroccan adults intercede…. I am still furious, but keep on walking… I, for some reason forgot that I have no right to walk the streets in peace… pure nonsense…. it goes without saying, I always keep in the back of my mind that 1. this place is a heck of a lot better than Egypt… no matter how bad it gets. It’s one of the great epiphanies that I had during my nine months in Egypt. What I mean by that is that my quality of life is better, the political situation is better, and the cultural limits of street harassment are far too non-existent in the Egyptian context…

I know how today’s encounter with the kids would have gone in Egypt.  NO  ONE WOULD HAVE SAID A THING.   I am 130% sure of that…because that’s what happened to me, to classmates and heck to random people I don’t even know.

2. I take comfort in knowing that I only have a summer here. In a few more weeks I peace out and get back to the States… Alhamdullilah!

So yeah, um enough with negativity…. Morocco thus far has been alright, I am realizing just how hard Moroccan dialect is… but oh well, I am also incidentally surprised by just how done with school my mentality is… oh well…. sigh… tomorrow is another day… I will leave this post with something I remember so well, and which Morocco is so famous for… it’s Art and architecture.  I must admit it is pretty interesting to come to the familiar Moroccan tiles and carvings… wish I could get something like this done in my house in America:…. ok, so my internet connection is too slow to upload pictures… I will do that tomorrow, God willing.

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