Host families are for the Birds


that was my latest Facebook status… and you know why?

Because in true Gazelle’s no luck with them fashion, money ended missing…( it was either my host mom or my roommate, but due to the fact that she had many more opportunities (and reasons) to do so)… it was likely the latter..

she of course snoops through all our stuff… and tells everybody everything I (at least) do…  sigh.

It was all a little too nice… but you know what,?  oh well… at least I only have seven weeks here and then I go home.  If/when I ever come back to this part of the world, it will be on very different terms…

The key to having a good experience abroad is being comfortable, physically and mentally with where you are.  Everyone needs an untouched refuge that they can go to and just veg, cry, reflect, pray etc…

Do I have that in Morocco?  I suppose this virtual space is all I have in that regard, and even then, thanks to an impertinent someone (yes, you V)…. there has to be some sort of mental editing of my thoughts…

My room: I share, and even when I am not here I have to make sure to lock up anything of significance, anything that this woman might use as a conversation piece … this has already happened with at least one member of her family that should not know any info about me and yet decided to school me on something that they shouldn’t have been aware of (that was taken out of context anyway)…. so yes, I literally lock up things with a padlock and key… not just money, medications too… sigh…

I think this situation smacks of my roommate situation in Egypt (and my previous Moroccan host family) once you’ve lost my trust, you don’t get it back.  sigh.

That’s in addition to the little annoyances of life… speaking to me in super simplified broken Arabic, even though I reply you back with enough to let you know that I’m capable of more, 106 degree weather (in the shade) and the only AC is in the living room, and not being able to strip down either, because I have a host dad… ha, ha… will leave it at that…

So yeah, I am even more convinced than ever, Host families are for the birds!!!!!!!!!!!!

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