On you “Like” Me, you really “Like” Me


I discovered this gem of a blog post on the freshly pressed page on WordPress.  I completely agree with this blogger and wanted to chime in to that effect on my own page.
I too have noticed a surge in “likes” on my page, and don’t know if it’s because my content is interesting or because, a lot of people are trying to get their blog’s name out there.  If you like a post because you’ve actually read it and thought it was interesting or resonated with you in some way… thanks!

if you’ve liked it just so that someone can click on your blog page, well thanks to you too, for nothing that is!

I never had hopes of grandeur for this blog.  It’s a space for me to express myself and make sense of this roller coaster called life, my life in particular.  through it, I’ve come in contact with some pretty cool, interesting people… but that was never the primary goal.

If yours is to get to hundreds of thousands of hits per day, or make money off it or I don’t know what, God bless and God help. But please, don’t click the “like” button just for the sake of clicking it.



4 thoughts on “On you “Like” Me, you really “Like” Me

  1. Ahmed

    Hey gazelledusahara,

    This isn’t related to the topic of your blogpost, but I need some advice from you if you don’t mind. I’m an African American male (originally from Somalia) and I intend to go backpacking in Egypt next spring. I have 4, 000 USD saved up for the trip, and that includes airfare. I was thinking of exploring Egypt for one month. For your experience, would that be enough assuming I didn’t spend extravagantly? Also will the racism/colorism I inevitably experience be simply a minor annoyance or a major problem? I ask only because you are a person of color who has experienced Egypt.


    • gazelledusahara


      Welcome. Yes, 4000 assuming your ticket is around 1500 or so should be more than enough for one month in Egypt. Some of my program mates lived on less than for an entire semester, (and they were paying apartment rent). Food in Egypt is pretty cheap, but of course watch out for street food, especially if you haven’t been to a developing country in a long time.

      As far as racism, I was pleasantly surprised by how I was treated for the most part. Sometimes I passed for an Egyptian, was even confused as being Nubian. Even when I didn’t pass, people in general were kind enough and some even went above and beyond to make me feel welcome. I also got harassed more for being a black Woman than I did for just being black.

      In general, I would think that if you look Somali (keeping in mind that there is wide range of what Somalis look like in terms of facial features, hair texture and skin color) you will look Egyptian. You’re Muslim, so that’s another asset. and If you speak Arabic, even better. Plus, you’re a guy, so I would guess that in general you will get hassled a lot less than I did. Racist stuff will be more of annoyance than a threat.

      Have a great trip and be safe! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

      • Ahmed

        Thanks for the quick reply!

        I do look like the typical Somali, with a big head and Carmel skin and soft hair texture. To be honest I don’t know what Egyptians look like so I’ll take your word for it and hope i fit in, because being stared at would be awkward! I don’t speak a word of Arabic though so that may pose a problem if I try to venture out of the touristy areas, perhaps a good mix of simplified English and pointing and yelling will suffice? But anyway, thank you for hosting this informative blog. I really have enjoyed reading your thoughts and perspectives. You are very thoughtful and articulate.

  2. gazelledusahara

    Thanks for your kind words 🙂

    Please be safe, Egypt isn’t as bad as people make it seem in the news, but people readily take advantage of people in the post-revolution void left by the absence of the police. They can also be very suspicious of foreigners. So please do keep these thing in mind as you enjoy the sights. … ha, ha… I sound like someone’s nagging grandmother…. sigh.

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