Ramadaan Night 2: bread, bread and more bread


Some people describe Egyptian food  as food that is mixed with oil, marinated in oil and then friend in oil/and or animal fat.  That, at least as far as my experience in Alexandria is very true.

In the case of Morocco the staple enemy is not oil, it’s bread.  After just two iftaars I am left wondering how people survive off of so few nutrients.  Seriously, Yesterday we went to my host father’s family’s house, which happened to be a house that was kind of like a shack, it was a big shack, and honestly part of the house was made of cement.  I was just surprised to see that this is where is his family lives, since he lives in a pretty swanky apartment in comparison… anyway.

The menu was really unlike iftars I am used to in the States or even in Sierra Leonean circles: There were no sumptuous meat dishes, no nicely cooked vegetables, not even any fruit… wait yes there was fruit but it was all dried: figs and dates, I believe.

What there was in abundance though was bread, croissants, baguettes, a cheese-less pizza, melwi (a pancake like bread). Then there was this soup that had spaghetti in it.

for protein, there were eggs.  no veggies at all though.

but I did have some lovely home-made biscotti… 🙂

Night two was at home, and it was even worse.  It was just bread. I couldn’t even stomach the pasta soup.  In the back of my mind I am thinking, how am I going to get my correct nutrient in-take?

That is the great mystery because no one, not my laissez faire adminstrators who place too much faith in these families, not my fasting teachers and not even restaurant owners have the answer.   I haven’t eaten a vegetable in at least three days, it’s probably more.  Of course the issue is complicated by the erroneous classification of potatoes as a vegetable!  it is not!

Oh well, something tells me I will be skipping some of the iftaars at home and opting for something off the street, but even then, good luck getting  health meal.  Sigh.

I can’t live on eggs and bread for the next 27 nights…. I just can’t….

It’s particularly important for me, because I’ve already been facing stomach troubles here.  Upset stomach, coupled with super hot temps, questionable food management practices and voila you’ve got yourself a one-way ticket on the malnutrition train.  This happened to me when I spent a semester here.  I don’t want history to repeat itself.

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