On Life Kind of Really Sucking…


Yet again I start a post and the darn thing gets erased… sigh.

I’m too lazy to rewrite everything, but the gist of the story is this: heard about the suicide of someone I know.  Someone who would have been one of the last people I would think would do such a thing.  Someone who was also carrying a deep secret: years of being a child molester, maybe even more than one victim, actually almost certainly more than one… sigh.

The pain this person caused in life and in death, makes me think about human nature, Divine Will and all that jazz.

Yes, I am contemplating questions that aren’t new… no one has the real answers to them.  In the past, it was enough for me to think about a little and then give up because it literally made my head hurt.

Is suffering really a part of Divine Will?  Are people brutalized, children born only to die of starvation and disease a few months late and individuals work their whole lives only to see all that effort go up in smoke via fire, economic crash, accident, injury etc. Does all of this really have meaning?( In terms of it all serving some higher purpose or making sense in the end).

Surely these people do not suffer so that those in a better position feel more grateful about their lives in its totality, no matter how horrible one facet of it may seem…

but, like I wrote up there, I have no answers… will spend this time reflecting on these questions.


2 thoughts on “On Life Kind of Really Sucking…

  1. The answer (and non-answer) to this is Qur’an, 2:30. And all the times that God says that He will most certainly try us like believers before us…and the nature of life, whether people believe in God or not. Why? Because He knows and we don’t. Unsatisfying, but don’t we feel blasphemous for saying any part of revelation is unsatisfying? But it’s true. That is the answer and there is no answer that we will have in this life. Bad things happen to good people, innocent people, helpless people, people constant in prayer. Life is unfair and the only consolation we are given is that “the next life is better than this” and we are told this is the only consolation we really need. Little consolation when we’re stuck in a world that sometimes feels like a prison, sometimes feels like it’s not moving, not even on its axis…

    But I tell you, it’s the only thing that keeps me going in this precarious reality, and reminds me of what I consider our purpose in life to be…to help our fellow human beings through this life by whatever means we can afford and using whatever skill we have. Help us through so that the next life can be better than this one for as many of us as possible.

    It’s seems like suffering is the plan, or else we wouldn’t be human beings and this wouldn’t be earth. Luckily, suffering is not the only thing we ever experience, at least not collectively. And the ones of us who suffer less are well-equipped to aid those who suffer more.

    And that’s what motivates me to keep going on a daily basis, even when life around me seems like a veritable sh*t-show.

  2. gazelledusahara

    veritable sh*^t show, that seems like a pretty good characterization of how I feel right now, you know somewhere deep inside, I know you are probably right, but I wonder, where does happiness no wait joy fit into it all…

    is it something that only comes with being at peace with God? or do you become at peace with God because you are happy/have some sort of inner joy…. the struggle continues…. sigh.

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