Saved By the Adhan


In case anyone was wondering… Iftar was a marked improvement today…

For their sakes, I happy, because I’m not sure what I would have done had I seen the nonsense they put out the last three nights.  As I walked home I was in quite a stir, It’s the principle, that these people get payed a  decent amount of money (or at least we pay a very fair, I might be more inclined to say generous amount) to live with them. Even if the middle man takes his cut and every penny does not reach them,  rotten food is a no-no.

I told my room mate that if it was I who had that salad I would have told my host mom that is was خايبة which in Moroccan Arabic means bad or rotten… and then told her to keep it so she could taste it after iftar if she thought i was making things up.

The thing is, regardless of tonight’s improved offerings, the talking to, still needs to happen, these next three weeks will be unbearable if I have to eat the nonsense that passed for dinner the first week of Ramadaan… sigh.  I have a feeling my host mom sensed that things had reached a boiling point, the bathroom is clean*er (i.e. she wiped the most dastardly dirty surfaces) and Alhamdullilah there is a replacement toilet roll in the bathroom (even I was not expecting that!)….

sigh. The little things. On another note, we are headed for yet another heat wave this week, as I write, I just finished taking a shower and am already sweating… too bad my only bed-time tank top is in the wash… lol

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