Third Time’s the Charm?


So i have been robbed for the third time in 3 months!  … I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…. Each time, it hasn’t been by  a stranger, it’s been by someone whom I shouldn’t have expected that mess from… sigh.

This time, money was taken out of my wallet, which is always with me except when I go to the bathroom.  when I discovered what happened, I was mad no doubt, more about the principle…. gosh, human beings are terrible! and will seek out any opportunity no matter how petty to get ahead… ha, ha…

Aside from this bitter his experience has cemented the fact that I will never do the room mate/home stay thing again!  God willing never ever again!  In the words of Invisible Muslimah “my next room mate will be my husband!”

Here’s to living alone in Spain!  When I come home to my stuff, I want it to be where I left it. I am tired of  always having to second-guess people and myself.  Life is too full of other bs to have to worry about who stole money from me. 

I don’t know what else to do, I put a lock on my suitcase, but it was picked, I mean literally picked to the point where the lock no longer works properly, after discovering that a few weeks ago, I put my money in the inner pocket of my wallet. 

There are prime suspects, but in a way it doesn’t even matter. I can’t prove anyhting, it could be anyone of them, several people had opportunity… sigh.  One more week, and this aspect of being abroad, communal living will be a thing of the past… good riddance to bad rubbish.

I think stealing, is just not a thing that happened in my house-hold so I don’t get it.  My sister’s and I never so much as took change from our mom’s purse without letting it be known what were doing…. so it’s a strange place to be in when your stuff is dissappearing…


on a happy note, my diploma came in the mail!  I officially have two Masters degrees…. three degrees total, and no job… womp, womp, womp… ha, ha…

moral of the story kids, don’t be like me and specialize in a random language/cultural religion, go study, nursing, plumbing, education, medicine, engineering, you know something that will give you tangible easily translatable skills.


The Gazelle pity party is now over. 


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