On Putting My Nose where it Doesn’t Belong


As I put a new picture on my fb wallpaper/banner thing (I used fb Arabic so I have no idea what the term that they actually use in English is)… I came face to face with something that I already knew, but didn’t need to be made so clearly obvious.


I have a honker, a schnozz, big fat nose!  Ha, ha.. well bigger than most, perhaps smaller than some… but good Lord, I put the photo up, because it’s a nice picture.  We had a dinner party and I wore foundation for the third time in 5 years… ha, ha… so I like my skin, my smile, my eyeshadow, my dress, everything except for rhinocerous that has decided to heave over in the middle of my face.


At least I’m not suffering from whatever this guy has…

I’m not obsessed, (as dedicating an entire blog entry to this issue might lead you to believe).  Like I said, it’s something that I’ve known, since, um I could ever look at my face.  On the one hand, No one but God is perfect, so I should accept myself big nose and all.   In fact, most people probably don’t notice it… but wait, perhaps they do, but just want to be nice.


In college, I was sort of dating/hanging out with some guy (waste of my time, but that’s another blog post…ha, ha). And I remember showing one of my good friends his photo, and you know what she said?  Something to the effect of “oh, he’s cute, but he has a big nose.  If you two have kids, you’re gonna need to be careful about that.” And with those words she cemented the fact that my nose is in fact an issue of epic proportions.


In the spirit of trying to desire as little as possible, a smaller, cooler nose is simply the height of frivolity. Plus, I think pretty much everyone has some body hangup that they would change if the ideal circumstances (financial, magical, health) were available.

The self-deprecation that I engage in at-will aside, I would post a picture of it, but I would rather not have even more people chime in with what I already know. The main thing now is to ask myself,

So what are my options?


Plastic surgery is pretty much a no-go (no money, no time, no willingness to go under the knife for something that is not life threatening… although, if the person that allegedly hooked, Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Tyra Banks or Halle Berry up wanted to do a little pro-bono work, I might reconsider.  Their noses (Halle and Tyra’s a little less-so) look nice, while still being noses for people of color…. But I digress.

So, until my septum deviates or something like that, I guess I will just have sit and deal with me and the water buffalo that lives under my eyes and above my mouth… Which is as it should be.

Even if I had a nose like that, still wouldn’t be America’s Next Top Idol… ha, ha.

So here’s to embracing me, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Here’s to me being human.

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