My Next 28 Years?


My birthday came and went, without much fanfare, it wasn’t what I planned, but it had a pleasant surprise in it that picked me up (from the depths of the gallows that I have been in. but this post is about more pleasant things…)

Some people think of years in terms of decades and that the big 3-0 is the next significant birthday, but not to me.  28 means a lot, because it’s 10 years out of high school.  There is so much development that an individual goes through during that time period, that is for sure.  But, it’s not my intention to rehash how, I’ve intimated and averred just that in enough previous posts.

I guess, I just wanted to mark the moment in my own little way.  It’s fitting that I do that now, because it’s finally hitting me that school is out forever!  It’s time to take my “potential” for good, for success, for making a difference to another level, I guess.  When I was 18, heck, when I was 22, 28 looked a far ways off.

28 year old Gazelle is not what younger me pictured, if she pictured anything… but that is not necessarily a problem. You always miss the details of pictures until you get up close enough to see them.

What’s my vision for the next 28 years?…. no idea! well, let me qualify that. I learned via my first 28 years that things rarely work out the way I planned them.

It’s funny because I remember having a conversation with a friend who basically insinuated that I wasn’t a daring, take life by it’s horns type of person… apparently Gazelle in this person’s eyes is a sit around and let things come to her kind of gal…  ha! … I learned a lot about human perception.  Don’t get me wrong, they matter, and yet they do not.  I think, no, I know that my friend..

He is WRONG!…. but only the person wearing the shoes knows what part of the foot hurts… (Sierra Leonean proverb).  In more ways than anyone will every really know (except perhaps 1-2 confidants), I tried grabbing the bull by it’s horns and almost got gored… a bunch of times… ha, ha… (maybe it’s time to do away with that metaphor). But, that is a post for another time, if ever.

If there is something my first 28 years taught me, it’s that saying less is almost always more.  Silence is wisdom (Moroccan proverb).

The next 28 years is going to be spent pondering things in my heart, and being more strategic and methodical than I was before.

At the end of the day, no one knows me better than I know myself.  People only see the parts of me that I let them see.

And that is quite alright.  So here’s to taking things as they come.  Here’s to dusting off some old dreams and seeing if they can be accomplished.  Here’s to walking at my own pace, the pace that I’m meant to walk, not one that anyone else prescribes for me and not one that I think has been prescribed for me.

Here’s to my next 28 years being a heck of a lot better than my first!

Yeah, that’s what I’m doing with my next 28 years

2 thoughts on “My Next 28 Years?

  1. 28 years is a long time to be an adult. You were only an adult for 10 of your last 28 years. Things will be different. To think, 28 years ago, my mother was pregnant with who she thought would be a baby boy (meee!). She couldn’t have imagined that she’d be living with her husband and an adult son with autism 28 years later while that baby was off being a physician across the country…and was a girl, haha (ultrasound for sex determination wasn’t that big in 1984, I guess). 28 years can take you in an entirely different direction than you are now, ups and downs along the way. Sit back and enjoy as much of the ride as you can! It’s really crazy! 😀

  2. gazelledusahara

    ha, ha… I’m not sure I was an adult at any part during my first 28 years… still hoping the next 28 will be an enjoyable ride though.

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