Romeo Must Die! — (ok, well maybe not die…)


It’s official.  My life just got a little less complicated.  Romeo got the boot…. ha, ha…I don’t think he’s knows it quite yet :-/

Romeo doesn’t have to die (and God forbid the notion that he should)… but he can’t be a part of Gazelle’s horizons.

There has always been something nagging me about him.  I think we are two people with starkly different backgrounds on super-different wave-lengths.  Throw in the tendency to communicate via text and you have a recipe for disaster.
I never read the Steve Harvey book, but I have been trying to “think like a man”  (whatever that means… ha, ha).  Mainly, I think that women tend to over-analyze everything a guy says and does. So I didn’t do that.  And when he said something that I didn’t understand, I told him to please explain what he was driving at.

I was careful, really careful not to project anything on to this thing that apparently will never get off the ground.

It started with my noticing his texting/ non-in-person communication style in general… I hate it.  I am super old-school and sometimes had to sit and think about what his messages meant– there was so much text/post language on there.  Although this drives me mad, I never said anything… well not to him anyway (my family members know better than to send me messages like that.. ha, ha).

Then I noticed their erratic frequency.  At first they were all them time.  Then they came less frequently but resulted in several exchanges.  The only problem was that he always seemed to gloss over things: answering pertinent questions, final confirmation of meeting place/time…. and then would pop-up again hours later like nothing ever happened…seemingly picking up from where we left off.

Today was the straw the broke the camel’s back.  A seemingly simple misunderstanding, an obvious miscommunication.  But it doesn’t matter.  I stare into the next few weeks and don’t want to deal with this anymore.  If he can’t understand the words that are coming out of my mouth, or flowing from my phone/computer keyboard, and I so drastically miscalculate his, then it’s time to call it quits.  It’s like the next few months flashed before me:
Me:  Let’s meet at that new place next to the Tapas bar.  I know you really like steak and have heard that there’s is pretty good.

Him:  Oh you want Tapas?

Me: huh?  NO, I hate Tapas, I said let’s meet at the place next to the tapas place.  I told you yesterday that I hate Tapas.

Him: So you don’t want Tapas… you want to come and chill at my place?
Me: um… what?

….. The future does not look promising.  And the worst part, is that I think he may have been hinting at exclusivity…. what?!?  … then again, who knows what he really meant…

Pretty much all I have left to say to Romeo

This post might seem a bit cryptic, well it is (I think this all that I can reveal about Romeo in good conscience…)  but I hope the core part of my message is clear.  At this point, continuing the liaison with Romeo would be like having a boyfriend who only speaks Chinese.  It would be great when you were together and could rely on human interaction to make up for what you can’t articulate vocally.  But all other forms of communication would fall flat.

and here is my lament:  What the heck is wrong with me?  Being unlucky at love is one thing, but being unlucky at like? …. ha, ha…. It was nice while it lasted (and he’s really cute… I’m really going to miss that… ha, ha).

Yes, But What if it Wasn’t Quite a Full-blown Relationship?

3 thoughts on “Romeo Must Die! — (ok, well maybe not die…)

  1. Not unlukcy at like! Or love! It is what it is. People only tell you the success stories. People don’t talk about the times they were in a relationship for years that sucked and they knew it, didn’t meet their needs but that’s not the version they broadcasted. Happens all the time. People in relationships, marriages do not necessarily have luck. We don’t know how many miscommunications they have with their partner on the regular that they tolerate, how many idiosyncrasies that they ignore, how many ways they are not, actually, compatible and are just making it work. In this social media “reality” where you get snapshots of only the good, in a reality reality where people don’t share their dirt…I think we all make choices, in the end, in like and in love, about what inconsistencies in compatibility we’ll put up with in favor of squelching the fear of not dying alone or…hehe, less pessimistically stated, we overlook certain qualities if other better ones transcend the faults.

    My two pennies, at least, hehe.

  2. …that being said…having been in a brief relationship where the guy did not understand me at all…I feel you on that. Cannot work. Totally different intellectual levels and total misunderstanding of who I was at base. Formally dismiss him, or it will take months for him to go away (personal experience, heh…)

    • gazelledusahara

      Yay, goo to know that I am not overreacting…

      This has been really urking me, but I’ve been trying to take whatever comes… two weeks ago, I swear we had a conversation that understood to me that he wanted to end this. But then he still wanted to hang out, still kept on with the flirting, which pushed me to ask, what? didn’t you say that you don’t want this? When I talked to him about it he was like “Um, that’s not what meant at all!!!!…” Misunderstandings of this nature do not bode well..

      I do enough translation and interpretation with Arabic and Spanish… I don’t want to have to do this with Romance-speak… ha, ha…

      formally dismiss him though? I’m not good at formally dismissing people…. :-/ …Besides, he’s a nice guy. We’ll see how this goes…

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