From Being Abroad to Being Just A broad


It’s been a while since I posted.

I have been in a funk of sorts.  Sometimes I ask myself what hell did I step into when I got off that plane from Morocco? (because I know the hell I stepped into when I entered my host family’s abode… ha,ha… but I digress)  Ever since I’ve been back, things have not been right.  To say the least I have had to think about mortality a little more than I would care to during the past 5 months or so, among other unpleasant things.  And so, it was almost a no brainer that spending the next several months near the beaches of Barcelona is not going to happen for me this time around.

Yes, it’s official, I am no longer going to Barcelona.  I turned down my fellowship (and yes, it hurt like the dickens to do that).  But such is life. When one door closes one or several more open right?  That hasn’t always worked out in my personal life history, but I am going with another old adage, that everything happens for a reason (This at least is something that I can pull examples of from my personal life).  To be honest I have a lot more on my plate than travel arrangements, so here’s hoping for the best.

At any rate, I am happy to be out of the will she or won’t she phase of not knowing if the Spain thing was going to work out or not.  For now, I think it’s enough to get out of my sad and sulky first world problems funk.  There are many people suffering the loss of a lot more than a Fulbright.  It would certainly behoove me to keep this in mind.

In the meantime, it looks like my blog will go from reflections abroad to reflections of a broad (no offense to anyone who is offended by my pun).

I Won’t be Needing This Anymore :-/


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