I love Beantown


It’s  sad marathon Monday indeed.  It all seem so unreal.  on Marathon Monday in 2003, we discovered a real tragedy on campus- a Wellesley student was found dead behind her dorm.  Later, it was ruled  suicide.

a Few years later, in 2006 the same thing, only this time it was a girl in my dorm, the level below me. An Asian girl, from what I can remember, the only child of her parents.  She had announced her plans in a chat room a few days before, but her warnings did not reach our Resident Director in time to stop her.

So yes, marathon Monday has always had this weird, eery feel to it.

It’s never been a favorite holiday. This is what I think about today, as I reflect on the happenings attacks/bombings whatever it turns out to be, on the city that holds a special place in my heart.  The city where I came into adulthood. The city I hated when I was there, but came to appreciate its idiosyncrasies…

But this is isn’t about me.  Prayers go out to those hurt today.

More than I realize.


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