Questions still unanswered


I am watching (because I have no choice) the special report declarations… the surviving Boston bomber suspect has been apprehended alive.   A life saved and wasted all at once.

I say watching because I have no choice because the answers to the questions that I am asking will not be resolved in the near future.  Some weeks, or perhaps months down the line, there will be reports giving us an accurate, clear picture of why this happened.  I want to know why, so that it doesn’t have to happen again.

We can go through the chicken and egg arguments, pontificate about American hegemony or lament with our 20/20 hindsight about the realities that may have contributed to the loss of life and maiming that happened on Marathon Monday 2013.

I think about the Chechen kids who would never have done such a thing, had they been given the opportunity for a better life in the USA, I think about how people with such seemingly promising futures extinguished their own lights the moment they left two pressure cookers as a crowded event, hoping (I suspect) for optimal   impact.   I think of entire communities moving in fear and all those forever maimed physically and emotionally by all that happened.

And it’s heavy.  It’s  relief that this part of the nightmare is over, but there is still so much more to be done, to be revealed.

What will be the effects of these events on American society?  There is an article running in the Onion, something to about Americans being too ignorant about Chechnya to stereotype anyone… ha, ha?… to be honest it’s a thought that came across my mind:  Thanks goodness the perpetrators don’t fit the stereotype.  I wonder if that really makes a difference to anyone.

But we will see how this all goes and how it unfolds.


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