Tonight to me, Baby, I Make My Declaration of Loooooove!!!!!!!!!


I watched the dark girls documentary and I found it to be nothing special.  I can’t disparage someone else’s experience.  Some of the women in the documentary exhibit traits I can understand- even if I don’t do the same.

There was a woman who felt completely broken, because of the way she was treated throughout her life. Many of the women spoke about never being seen as marriage material, but having men only willing to take them to bed.  Many men did as well…Sigh.  no wait, WTF?

Oh well, as for those dudes, I chock it all up to ignorance.

I think it also comes down to imagining things that are not always there. One woman, talked about this as she said she just went through life assuming that no man would want her and was aggressive against males because of it. She figured she would just as well be mean and cut out any possibility of someone sending advances her way.  That, I think is not just something related to dark girls, plenty of people do this for some short-coming, perceived or otherwise.

Overall, I think I was quite disappointed in the random, tongue-in-cheek way some of the respondents talked about the issue.  It really seemed like the directors just went out and asked some of the most random, inarticulate and obnoxious people they could find.  I mean one of the guys admitted to talking out of his ass!

As for the more serious respondents, who in the film’s defense were the vast majority of the people in the documentary, I still felt like there was not much depth.  The film didn’t really delve into the reasons for dark-skin preference… ok wait it did, but overall, it somehow still came off as whiny and repetitive.

I guess because there was nothing new that was said: Colonialism, imperialism, economics (i.e. being darker meaning you worked in the fields), and slavery were all submitted as reasons for discrimination against darker-skinned women, world wide. But who doesn’t know that?

Who doesn’t know that growing up being belittled can screw you up?

I feel like this documentary would be illuminating for someone who isn’t a dark girl. But, unfortunately, for someone who is, it was kind of lackluster.

It failed to hit  a nerve, to really show how/why black girl pain is unlike fat girl pain, or plain girl pain poor girl pain, or whatever the other myriad of reasons why people are made fun of. It also presented no real solutions, besides teach your daughters to love themselves… um …. duh!

Maybe they could have done some dark girl makeovers… that might have helped…

So yes, I am here and all I can say after this somewhat lackluster entry about an eh, documentary is that, this dark girl is here to love herself.

So regardless of what weirdos, non-nos and just plain ewww guys (and girls) have to say, despite the vast swaths of people that colonialism and slavery has entangled in its snares, I am smart, beautiful and important.

I’m a dark girl.  I love me.


And I guess, that yes, the documentary is right about that. Too big/too tall/too fat/too thin/too brown/ to white/ too buck tooth/too [insert your supposed shortcoming here] girls take note.


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