On Selling Myself Short…


So, I learned a new lesson today.

This weekend has been fun.  I met up with some friends from Egypt and it was a little like girls evening in…

Catching up, chit-chatting, getting updates of people from our program (Alhamdullilah, so many of us are doing quite well).

I’m reminded this afternoon of one of those conversations that I had with one of my friends, when I went back to her place.  The usual frustration with being a soon to be thirty-something who isn’t quite established in either arena of life (neither personal nor professional).

My theory on relationships is like my momma always says (which in turn is probably a Bible verse):  A man findeth a wife. So, I’m not too big on actively looking for a mate, SO or whatever.

I have so many things up in the air in my life right now, that I have to wait: until certain aspects become a bit more solid I can’t move forward in secondary issues (relationships being one of them).

But anyway, I had to walk to the local grocery store this afternoon (it’s not a long walk 5-10 minutes, really).  Understandably I didn’t wear anything special.  The t-shirt that I had slept in last night, the jeans that I had worn the day before, but hadn’t made it into a load of laundry.

No makeup.  My hair, usually in a scarf these days, was out, but in giant, twists, my effort to keep it kempt until I get extensions.

How I think I looked today….

and on this day of all days, I was approached by rather eager, nice looking, respectable fellow. He struck up a conversation and I went about my business inside the store. And then we happened to finish our purchases at the same time and exit the store together (hmmmm… maybe that part wasn’t serendipity…ha, ha…) and He tried again, this time being more direct.

How he must have thought I looked like… Maybe I should have suggested a stronger prescription…ha, ha…

For a number of reasons, nothing happened.  But it was my choice.

And what a stupid choice that was too… he might have been an engineer … oh that manly jawbone… sigh… ha, ha…

I respectfully declined his “offer” ha, ha… and while I did it I was thinking to myself (Gazelle, what are you doing!!!)…ha, ha… such is life.

It was an important lesson. Today was not a day for me to feel particularly cute, I just needed to grab a few things my mom had forgotten the day before, and get a little fresh air.  And, yet, what happened at the grocery store, happened.

So um yeah, no more selling myself short. This lesson was learned too late to do anything for this situation.  But, maybe next time it will. I’A

And ya Rab! I would not mind at all if he looked like this… (ha, ha….but I’m not really joking)


2 thoughts on “On Selling Myself Short…

  1. KG

    You know even on your “off” days you look amazing! There will be other opportunities. (Also, you never know, this guy could be a regular at that grocery store. 😉 )

    • gazelledusahara

      ha, ha.. if only the fellas saw me with your eyes, I could have been a contender… funnily enough I went to the grocery store yesterday… he did not make an appearance… ha, ha…

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