I was going to write a post on Trayvon Martin, but My President and the Daily Show said everything I wanted to say


Like a lot of people, I have been grappling with the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin case.

I was surprised that GZ did not at least get manslaughter, astounded that Florida has turned out to be a state so strange in its laws and rulings.  I was saddened that the 6 people in the jury felt that the Prosecution did not make its case.

I’ve also been surprised by the reactions of many white Americans.  It’s heart warming that many people get it: The white families who understand why this case is in many ways a travesty of justice, who sympathize with the Martin family. I loved how that shined through on the Daily Show’s skit on the issue:

Then there are the Ann Coulters and Coulters on steroids of the world, many aided by the anonymity that internet comments allow.

These people, along with GZ’s brother and defense lawyer astound me.  I have no patience for those who try to demonize TM for minding his own business.  Like many a black woman, cases like this hit home: TM could be my son in another 15-20 years.  And it is incidents like these that make me scared to think about how I will have to prep my children both male and female to be on their guard.  Regardless of who their father may be.  Their mother is black and so they will be too.

Unfortunately, cases like the TM case bring home a painful truth, one that sometimes I lose sight of living in the DC metro area (aka Chocolate City): For too many circumstances, black means being a target.

President Obama’s words touched me. It was a clear, emotional (but not overly so), and eloquent way to break things down for those who still don’t get it.  Upworthy to the max:

I hope the public outrage will not lead to a discussion or dialogue about race, but rather lead to real action.

And although the system worked the way it was designed to do, that means that justice wasn’t really served for an innocent young man, stalked and attacked by a crazed vigilante neighborhood watchman.  But I hope Trayvon is RIP.  And I hope that my children will not join him.


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