On Being a Woman of a Certain Age Pt II


So wedding bells are ringing and not for me! ha, ha….

One of my good friends is getting married!  Next year! To a guy I don’t like… well that no one likes, not really…

One of my classmates got engaged!  To an Egyptian guy!  That we knew in Alex…..

and that ladies and gentleman is the stitch.  I am happy for these ladies striking it out at love. And yet, I’m not really sure how to react.

Both women are younger than I am, and both women, somehow sensed the urgency of needing to make that personal connection. Alhamdullilah!  I’m not jealous, I mean I don’t really want to be in the situation that either woman finds herself.

And yet, I wonder should I not be sensing the urgency of now?!?  Should I not be trying to make the connections that can one day, (soon, InshAllah) have me singing wedding bells?…. how exactly should I go about this?

If Only I looked like this, then everything would be easy… Wait a minute… isn’t that a man?…

I can only love me.

Funny thing happened on the bus today.  I was sitting down, rifling through my things.  All of a sudden a man walks up to me, stops and says “You look beautiful” and continues down to the back of the bus.

ha, ha… it was funny.  So funny in fact, that the lady sitting next to me started laughing.  The one sitting next to her however, just rolled her eyes and looked stank (hater… ha, ha….).

I don’t bring this story up to brag… I mean who hasn’t had some random probably older guy declare some random thing?

It’s just that this situation reminds me of life and love in general.  Sometimes, you sit there minding your own business, and bam! It happens.  Or so I have been led to believe.

And with my luck, he will probably say some random, corny ish like this… ha, ha…

So yeah um, I can only be me.  Wake up each morning, do whatever is on the to-do list and… live life.

But, with that said, I also have to find the right dress, for at least one wedding reception… you never know…ha, ha….

I will use these fellow-pear shaped lovelies for inspiration

and I am onto more serious issues, Egypt is still going to hell in a handbasket… and… and… and…




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