In My Free Time: On writing to refine myself


I have many things that occupy my time. .. well, not really.

Some, I will reveal in due time, but the post for today is about writing. Obviously I don’t post all that often on here, so I am talking about another kind of writing: Creative Writing.

This summer, I joined a creative writing club and it has been great! the creative juices have been flowing, kind of. … This group hasn’t met very often, mainly because we are such a large number it’s hard to pin point a date and time that works for every/most of us.  But, I’ve learned a little in the process anyway.

Besides this blog, I don’t really have people read my writing… frankly a lot of it is not good… just angry blots on Word documents, a lot like this blog, random, short, uncontrolled.

But this writing club has made me realize something, that I generally a clear writer,  (except when I have typos…which unfortunately happens a lot)and that is something that I cherish and hold on to….ha…ha… my main fault has been not being able to write longer pieces, and so for my next entry I wrote something long… but it was painfully long… and then I had to edit the heck out of it.

When all was said and done, I think a decent story came out of it.  However, my mind has been racing and I think that story is actually going to be the premise for a better, more refined piece that I will work on… at some point this week.

So yeah, I am alive, well, not always thinking about the end of my youth, all the goals I haven’t accomplished etc.  Sometimes I put all that angst to paper, and sometimes it comes out decently well, and sometimes it does not.

Ugh! If I write another post like that… I will scream!…ha ha…

But writing, I am remembering is such a beautiful thing.  I think it’s one of those careers that I would pursue if I was independently wealthy and had all the time in the world to simply do what I loved… to bad that isn’t happening anytime soon…ha, ha…

For now, stolen moments on the Metro bus/train (where I tend to start writing, on my phone) and tender moments at home with Telemundo telenovelas playing in the background will have to do.

This novela is pretty good! I promise 😉

I’m not sure what if anything I will do with these new, fresher, work shopped pieces.  Perhaps I will try to publish one? hmm….

When I was little, about 12 or so, I had a book series called the Laura Homesly series (really unique name, I know). It was about a homeless girl whose family lived in a cardboard box (a really big, and kind of fly one)…. it was nothing more than my handwritten machinations, but modeled after other book series like Baby Sitters Club and Goosebumps, I wrote the stories in installments.  If memory serves me correctly, I had quite the following… some of the little girls around my way, were actually waiting excitedly for the next edition!

So maybe I should put some of that entrepreneurial spirit to work and sell some stories off  of Amazon or something…ah, who am I kidding?…ha ha….

Um, does publishing on my blog count?….ha, ha…


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