I am Psychic… I think…


So a few days ago I had a dream…

Yes, but it’s nowhere near as important as his was.

and in said dream an old Romeo was back… Which Romeo?  The one I blogged about in this post.  

It was weird, especially since I haven’t really thought about him in a looooooooooooooong while.  I told my friend about it, about how the dream was weird that is.  and that was the end of it.

Flash forward today, and I get a message from the past.  He called me out on cutting off contact. I denied it and said it was a gradual, mutual thing (which is how I guess I made it seem).

And he tried to reach out again.  Something about missing our talks!?!

Really? and it only took you like 10 months to realize this?

So I’m all like, um? what?!? On the one hand I guess this is what that dream of him was all about.  Bah!

Dear God, next time can I dream about him and then you make that happen! I would be ever so grateful

Or him!

So yes, I am feeling like I definitely have a 6th sense that I need to pay more attention to.

As for the actual Romeo of my dreams… well… that’s not something I want to bring to reality. Darn!

So I am back where I started… staring down old maid hood…ha ha…

But Rabna Kareem… it’s nice to be wanted, if only for a moment and by someone who is all wrong for me :-/

I’m not worried though, one day this will be me….

Or maybe this?…. Hey, a girl can dream… ha ha


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