On Being Worth it


The past few days have been a good day for me thinking about my favorite subject: Me!

As I outlined in my last post, a certain Romeo from the past reached out to me, in a very lame way.  😦

But he was not alone… another one, a little more tepid, and from the not-so distant past was reaching out as well.  And just as subtly I closed discussion of that kind of communication.

What these experiences have me thinking about (as well as another major milestone… my upcoming 29th year, the last years of my twenties)…..

is my sense of self-worth.  Sometimes, tell my self that


Yup, sometimes, several times a day….

I do this because everyone ought to believe all these things about themselves.  I also do this because I am out of my settle= selling myself short phase.

I REFUSE to be with a man who thinks that it’s ok to just try and pop back onto the scene, with just a lame apology (and no real understanding of what got you booted out in the first place)… I just have no time for it.  None!

I also REFUSE to be with a man who does not recognize his own flaws and shortcomings… we are all human, we all have what we bring to the table, we all have what makes us difficult to get along with/be with/tolerate …. But it’s of utmost importance to be aware of this.  To Err is human, but acknowledging these short-comings is also part of becoming better.

Oh God, please let this never be me!…ha ha …

And there you have it.  I guess this post is just saying that I am in the phase of redefining what it means to do the proverbial “lowering of standards”…. or changing of ideals.

Alhamdullilah upon further reflection I have a clearer idea of what are deal breakers. I guess it’s an ongoing process… but I’m glad I can declare that I’m not losing sight of what’s important.  No, I am growing more cognizant of how awesome I am and insistent about having an SO that matches my awesomeness…




I guess some people didn’t get the message…. :-/

So yeah, I can do bad all by myself… for now.










One thought on “On Being Worth it

  1. The not recognizing one’s own flaws and shortcomings is an interesting thing. I think my own version of that is the whole “I gotta do me” attitude used specifically to excuse oneself for their traits that could be modified. Especially if they are traits I don’t like, hehe.

    Good luck as you continue going through life, encountering potentials along the way.

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