My Real Unemployment Chronicle: #2 the hoops you jump through


Saying that most companies, even teeny ones, now act like they are the royal family when it comes to hiring is an understatement.  When I first started looking for a job, I would bend over backwards for interviewers, but after not being selected as the final candidate enough times,  I got smart.

You have this happen enough times and you say enough is enough America!

It was no longer worth it for me to sacrifice the amount of time and money that I sacrificed (not much to some, but when you are unemployed/don’t make much every penny counts!).  Case in point:

I received an email interview offer.  They wanted me to come to NYC.  My immediate reaction was “No, you can talk to me on Skype or via phone, but I am not coming to NYC.”  The travel and lodging all for a chance to work at some not-that-illustrious organization, was too rich for my blood.  I ended up taking off half a day of work for that interview.  And in the end, they didn’t even have the decency to tell me that I was not selected, not until after I emailed them.

On another occasion, I was granted a phone interview and invited for an in-person interview.  The only problem was that I had less than two days to prepare a presentation that I had to give at the interview. Plus, the branch of the organization was a lot further away than I had assumed when I first applied.  It hurt like the Dickens to turn it down, but I didn’t see the point in going through this decathalon of events all for a chance of a job. Maybe it’s the privilege in me talking, but it seems like employers are making more and more ridiculous demands from applicants, and I’d just had enough of it.

Ha ha as if this had anything to do with landing a job

I was proud of myself then, because I would have been kicking myself and my wallet for having spent so much for what turned out to be fairy dust.  My new motto was forged then, and should I have to look for a job again, I think I will do the same.

I am willing to jump through hoops, but I must have some say in how high the hoops are set.  If not, then it’s not a game that I am interested in playing.

Say What?!? I don’t think so… I guess I don’t want it badly enough…sigh

In the case of scenario #2 it was Divine providence.  I was later invited to Skype interview for a position on the day/time that I would have had to have been giving a presentation at that other organization.  Rabna Kareem.  I got this job now, and it’s so much better.. More on that later.


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