One more job hunt Rant….


Ok, so I just witnessed something pretty grimy happen to another friend today and I wanted to vent a little about it.

A few weeks ago,  a friend was all set to get a new job, all they had to do was get her references.  Unfortunately for her, one of them gave her an unfavorable reference…. Can you say bye, bye dreams of being gainfully employed!

Yup, that’s what happened to her.  It took some figuring and maneuvering, but she figured out who the culprit was.  I don’t just say this because she is my friend, but I really do believe this reference was behaving like a lying snake in the grass.  It seems like a deliberate attempt to cut someone’s income off.   The reference enthusiastically replied with yes when asked if they could serve as a reference for my friend, and then lambasted her right out of a job… why?

This is the part that makes me uncomfortable and weary of well…everyone! 

Et tu, reference?

If this person had real grievances with my friend, then why did they not say no, I can not serve as a reference?


I guess I had never thought about the possibility that a reference could hold some grudge for which you are totally unaware and screw you over big time…. Ugh!

Another friend met a similar fate.  This, time I can’t say 100% that it was unwarranted… I think she had a clash of personalities with people are  her workplace, and that was something everyone acknowledged.  But, I do think she has been judged unfairly, with some people thinking her weird or strange or whatever, when they don’t even work with her or have to say more than hello to her in the morning. Her (former) workplace was a place where she had trouble fitting in.  But her work output was alright…

I have new definition, person who implicitly agrees to say good things about you, then says bad things instead…

 And  once gain, why would you agree to be a reference for someone only to bitch them out?

Yeah, some people need to tune into this… sigh.


So yeah, I am miffed by the perils of the job hunt.  Regardless of what you think my friends may have done to warrant their situations, I  say check, check and check your references to make sure they are good. 

2 thoughts on “One more job hunt Rant….

  1. In school and then residency applications, for letters of recommendation, I’ve always asked people if they were able to write a *good* letter of rec. That makes it harder to lie and screw someone over, but not impossible.

    That is unfortunate, though.

    • gazelledusahara

      Yeah, you know I never really thought this could be a problem. When I was thinking of doing a Phd I asked a professor once, and he told me the reasons why He felt he could not write a glowing recommendation. While I was taken aback by his (IMO unfounded and really weird) reasoning (had a lot to do with how he felt about my Masters thesis… which was the direct opposite of the 2 other academics involved in the project) I was grateful that he had let me know that I should look elsewhere… Callous the professor was not. Sigh.

      At least my friends know what is up…now!

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