On Passing Through Turkey…


I am in the airport in Turkey right now… and feeling relieved and excited…


My flight here was fun, restful, uneventful.  Except for the part where I almost missed it!… ha ha.. I laugh now but at the time last night, it was not funny.


My airport pick-up service did not show, and when I called to find out what happened I got a lot of bs… the driver claimed to have stopped by and waited for me but then decided to move on…. What?!!


No knock on my door?  No announcement of his presence?


But Alhamdulilah, they sent someone else out for me who booked it to the airport (it’s one hour drive from where I live, but it only took him 30 minutes!)….


They guy who brought my luggage to the check-in desk turned out to be Sudanese.  I was all excited when I heard him speaking Arabic, he was not smitten with me at all. That is, until he asked me where I was from and realized that I am not Sudanese or Arab at all!…. ha ha …


After that, he and all his buddies were a lot more interested in me… ha ha…


My layover is not long enough to venture into Turkey so my observations of what this place is like will have to remain incomplete… In general I feel like there is a language disconnect… which there is… the staff and other (presumably Turkish people I meet/see here) try to tell me what to do instruct me in English… but it’s a cold, perfunctory English. Like something I would expect from a stereotypical German…. Ha ha….


Case in point, during the flight the stewards seemed to forget about me…/not understand what I was saying.  This morning, one asked me if I wanted an omelette or toast.  I said I’ll have the egg…


She then laid toast on my table… ha ha…. I guess it’s because my seat was in the back and no one sat beside me, but sometimes they would send randomness… but maybe it’s all in my perception…. My perception which isn’t even real… but whatever.  I just take it in stride and remember that I need to be very clear and specific when speaking English… Arabic will not always be an out.


Overall I am happy thus far… it was the first time I rode business class as an adult (love it!  A girl could get used to this…) the calm of the business class lounge is good… Instanbul has a very busy airport and I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the duty free and designer shops (like, who cares! ) I just wanted a place to sit quietly and here it is… so I am people watching in peace… ha ha…


Nestled somewhere between a sexy businessman who is speaking some Romance language (probably Italian—but maybe Catalan?) and a niqabi woman and her husband who has the “piety ” mark on his forehead… at any rate I highly recommend it.



Yeah, everyone seems a little cold here… but I am not exactly Pollyanna…


A little kid, olive skinned with green eyes saw me and did a double-take…

I guess he doesn’t see black people too often… sigh… (the Saga continues)… he grabbed his dad a little tighter and then went about his business… Alhamdulilah for that….


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