It had to be done! on Fast food in the Arab world…


I love that chicken from Popeyes!  ha ha …

It felt so good to see that familiar logo

It felt so good to see that familiar logo

Seriously, I love Popeyes chicken… probably more than any other kind of fast food, because of the biscuits.  Biscuits, I have discovered is something that other societies just don’t understand.

In the UK, my cousins thought biscuits were tea cookies (ewww, I DON’T want THAT kind of biscuit…ha ha…)

In Egypt, KFC chicken did not come with biscuits, instead you got a dinner roll (ugh!) and if it was fresh, you were lucky.

Ugh! that ain’t no biscuit, man! ha ha…

So imagine my surprise when I discovered that this place does have popeyes and real biscuits too!  They are not shaped as nicely as the ones back home, but the taste is almost the same 🙂

It was soooooo gooood....

It was soooooo gooood….

This move has been rough on me.  I have an infection, have been sick practically since I got here.  I thought it was just jet-lag, then I thought it was a cold, then I realized that Gazelle needs some antibiotics.

I actually did some grocery shopping yesterday, but when I tried ot make my own food, the smell made me nauseous… Popeyes to the rescue…   and you know the best part… it’s halal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  all the halal chicken I can ever eat! ha ha….

Rabna Kareem!

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