All these Facebook Father’s Day Posts have made me Nostalgic


Happy Father’s Day to my father, who died ….. 24 years ago last month.  I don’t talk about him much, don’t usually post photos of him or view many.

But I love this one, it’s of him and my mother (who I have cropped out… ha ha… Gazelle’s mom does not want an online presence).

It was taken on a sunny day at the beach in 1986, according to the writing on the back of the picture.   I was too little when he passed  to remember much about him, but I can tell from this picture (and others) that he had a great smile. My daddy, my skin shade and God knows what other character traits I got from him.  If only touching the photo frame was a way to touch the smells, feelings and sensibilities of the past.

But that is life, no use trying to figure out what was or what could have been, I guess.  But, it’s one of the only things you have, imagined memories, when you’ve lived more years without a person that you have with them.



Happy Father’s Day, daddy… hope your RIP


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