On Being Grateful


I am thinking about where I was a year ago, feeling a little hopeful, because for once an interview process with several stages resulted in an offer.  I was a little less depressed than I had been earlier in the year.


What I am trying to do each and every day

It’s not all rosy, this new chapter in my life has brought with it new challenges, personal, spiritual, professional. But I am learning to slow my pace and take things as they are, accept the things I can not change and fix the things I can.  I am turning 30 in less than thirty days but I’m just looking at it as it “is what it is.”


yeah, I am realizing that some of the stuff I cared about isn’t really important at alll

This life is not what I envisioned for myself at 22.  But I see the the bigger picture in terms of why certain things were meant to be.  Of course, there are things that I wish were better, that had gone the way I wanted, but such is life.  It might have been great if that project I started actually worked out, or if that encounter had lead to something more fruitful, but, ya know.


Now, it’s all about thinking short and long-term, reflecting each day and keeping calm.  Yup. Alhamdulilah!




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