Happy 2016


Happy New Year!  It’s basically New year everywhere except the West Coast (7 minutes and counting as I write this)….

Here’s to the best hopes I can muster for the new year.  I came to some other conclusions about things near the end of last year… one of them is that I think this blogging thing has a definite end-game. Since I started this thing back in March/April 2007, ten years is a nice time to round out things.

So my “Elucidated Perspectives” have a little more than a year to go before I sign off.

All for the best, TBH I didn’t leverage this space as I should have, as others have. It’s just been a thing that  I do to post either endless rants and cryptic messages to myself and the few followers that aren’t bots… ha ha. Time to grow up some more.

With that said, am hoping to post more than I have in the past year. And will probably keep the blog up, since people do find it while search for black experiences in country x, y or z.

2015 was a transition year for me in a lot of ways, I need some permanence in 2016…. and that comes with making decisions about the limits of, well me, and what is most useful to do or not do.

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