On Counting My Blessings: 1

I saw this thing on Facebook about how to literally count your blessings. Every time something good happens to you you write it down and put in the jar. At the end of the year, you count all the good things.

I’d like to do that, but just my luck, am having trouble finding a jar/container…. ha ha… so for now, I will write things on post-its. So far, I’ve got one “big” thing: Achieved an educational milestone of sorts.  Don’t get it twisted, Gazelle is done with formal education… ha ha… But have been learning about some stuff as of late, started out being something I needed to get some basics on for work, but it’s gone beyond that now. I’m just really surprised at myself because I am learning about things that I never thought I was capable of learning, especially not in the time-frame that I’ve done it.

And I have a certificate to prove it… yay! Alhamdullilah.

Yeah, it’s hokie-ish, but Gazelle still has some tenacity in her. 😀

hmmm as I write this, maybe I will do the count my blessings thing via this blog too… It’s probably a heck of a lot better than all the depressing stuff I have been posting as of late… ha ha.

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