Counting My blessings… I still Am


Even if I am not mentioning them as much on the blog. My head is filled with a lot of stuff and that’s making writing a little harder these days.

Realizing that some blessings are bittersweet: being able to help someone in need, but feeling completely drained afterwords, hearing someone say “I love you” and mean it, but not in a context that’s wholly understandable or digestible, talking to a friend you haven’t heard from in ages, but leaving the conversation feeling sad that this person totally dismissed and invalidated your lived experiences and goals,  having someone link your blog so certain posts are all of a sudden getting a lot more traffic, but that traffic bringing in some ignorant comments… ha ha. sigh.

I’m still here, that’s a blessing in itself.

I’m thinking about visiting somewhere in the MENA region probably. I recently discovered that there are black (as in Gazelle-black!) people in Tunisia, so all of a sudden I have a desire to go there… ha ha… But Turkey might be nice as well. It might be a nice change of pace to be in a non-Arab Middle Eastern country. Then again, I still haven’t made it to Jordan (although Jordan for whatever reason hasn’t held much appeal for me. It might have to do with some strained relationships I’ve had with Jordanians in real-life… ha ha….who wants to be reminded of all that????… sigh).

But these travel plans also, are in some ways bittersweet… sigh. At any rate,  I’m still here. I that’s a blessing in itself.

I feel like I am scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one, but at least I tried.









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